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World Premiere of MUSTANG Monarch

The new innovative MUSTANG Monarch comes with a world premier; The pop out makes the living room bigger and extends the sleeping capacity from 2 to 4.

Your everydag amenities are available. As standard equipment you have a wardrobe, kitchen with cupboards, two cookers, sink and fridge with freezer. In addition there is a composting chemical toilet and shower. The surprisingly spacious living area with seating and table which can be converted into a "souble bed" easily.

All details have been designed for the comfort of the horses. The large side window that opens outwards, mounted with a grid, in order not to compromise safety. The trailer is bright and provides ventilation and fresh air.

The horses are standing diagonally, with their heads pointing backwards, facing away from the traffic. The spacious trailer carries two big horses, three smaller or up to four Icelandic horses - the separating walls offers several alternative settings for optimum comfort.

Like all MUSTANG trailers, Monarch is designed to ensure comfortable and secure transportation.